Congrats to Blockstack PBC

I, like many of the people on this forum, have been following Blockstack for a decent while now. It has been exciting to see the progress that’s been made. There have certainly been struggles with the development, but by and large this one of the more professional, ethical projects in the crypto space. And it was with great excitement that you saw the Blockstack team put out information about their potential SEC regulated token release in a few weeks.

To see how Blockstack didn’t rush their token to the marketplace during the insane crypto hype of 2017 (just to make a quick buck which they could’ve done) but to do what was more difficult and to distribute their token according to the laws and regulations in the U.S. is just fantastic.

Whether or not you’re a voucher holder, accredited investor, evangelist or long-time supporter of Blockstack, we should take a second to applaud the transparent, legal and thoughtful manner that the Blockstack PBC has gone about getting STX out to the broader public.


Appreciate the kind words :pray:

Still a long way to go to get to where we want to be :slight_smile: