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Question from Discord:
Hey all, I’m looking for someone (or something to read) to shill me on Stacks. ELI5 level. I like the project, I’ve listened to the Stacks podcast (not a clubhouse member so missing out from there) and Muneeb strikes me as a very bright very down to earth guy. But I’m listening to a whole lot of other news and NOBODY’s mentioning it. It’s all ‘eth is where it’s at and always going to happen’. Why? Is stacks cheaper/faster? If not does it have other advantages? Not just that BTC is the granddaddy of crypto - granddaddies can be arseholes, or useless, or impossible to work with. Is PoX more secure/private than PoS? How? I’m getting so disillusioned with hoskinson and Cardano (btw this isn’t an invitation to bash them or any other project, I’m not interested in that) that I’m ready to sell the moment they actually do something and generate at least a little bounce… But when my buddy who has half a mil in crypto says ‘why’ I don’t really know what to say. Why Stacks and not Tron (gah I know) or GoChain, or BSC, or Ethereum when it fixes the gas fee problem if it ever does etc etc. I’m technically pretty clueless but I’m not stupid (I’m a lawyer. Ok they’re not mutually exclusive but moving on…) Shill me ppl! I’ll pass it on but right now I don’t have the baton… I don’t know how to say in 5 sentences why it’s worth investing in over any of the other up and comers. Thanks all, and commiserations to other Clubhouse outcasts ; )

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My answer:
Stacks is definitely cheaper (just look at the 0.00018 STX transfer fees and 0.000575 STX cost to mint an NFT on Boom), and working on being faster! :slightly_smiling_face: In terms of other advantages — PoX is completely unique in that it is building upon Bitcoin, taking a layered approach that views Bitcoin as digital gold, sovereign money and store of value. Bitcoin has solved the problem of hard money, and there’s no reason to compete with that. Stacks simply unlocks innovation by building on Bitcoin as a secure base. STX is gas for smart contracts connected to Bitcoin.

PoX is a variant of PoW, which can be more secure than PoS. For more info on potential downsides to PoS this thread can be helpful: PoS Blockchains Require Subjectivity to Reach Consensus

Another benefit to Stacks is the smart contract language, Clarity. Clarity was built for decidable and predictable programming. Developers know with certainty how their code will run, in contrast to estimates that devs are provided on ETH. There are a lot of developers who can speak to their personal preferences here, but I’ll point you to this article highlighting some of the problems Clarity seeks to address: Bringing ‘Clarity’ to 8 Dangerous Smart Contract Vulnerabilities — Blockstack

From my perspective, the team has been super heads down building this model of a sustainable and sensible path toward a user owned web anchored in Bitcoin, that we have strides to make when it comes to project awareness. We’re only just at the tip of the iceberg, and yet this community has been growing and building momentum as we worked toward the Stacks 2.0. It has gotten ever more :fire: since then, thanks to everyone here. I agree that the markets aren’t really aware yet. It’s a messaging problem. People think that bitcoin is a rock. Bitcoin is not a f*%$(*& rock. We’re only just beginning to realize Web 3.0 built on Bitcoin. This is a contrarian view, and it might take some time to settle in and continue to build that awareness.

If you share my conviction that crypto assets and respective innovation (DeFi, ownership, art) presents opportunities for wealth creation, new business models, and potentially a better future, then I think it makes sense to take a 10 year view. It’s not a matter of “If,” it’s a matter of when and how. I personally love to be bullish and building on BTC — it’s the most battle tested, with the biggest market cap, and best at what it does. I think it’s going to be really hard for other blockchains to outdo Bitcoin as a settlement layer. I love getting to be bullish on both BTC and STX and earn BTC by holding STX! What’s not to love? :slightly_smiling_face:

What would y’all add?


Free of Wall Street and Government

Marketplace for medical service using interest- bearing Stacks Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) solves the price transparency problem in US healthcare.

Every transaction is sovereign between individuals and is government and corporate censorship resistant and only price and service is publicly revealed


  1. Independent Direct Primary Care (DPC)-NFT

Time activated/expired individual membership smart-contract delineated service offering as made available by each individual DPC clinician or practice

All NFT’s are sovereign independent contracts between DPC clinician and member for delineated DPC medical services.

Example of a type 1 NFT:

DIRECT PRIMARY CARE: Automated Monthly NFT (example)

Child: 25 xUSD up to 19 yrs & accompanied
with a guardian membership

Adult: 60 xUSD 19 yrs and older

Couple: 110 xUSD two adults 19 yrs and older

Family: 135 xUSD up to two guardian members &
two child members, each additional
child member at child rate.


Everything the primary care physician can provide within
the wall of the office
Extended visits when requested
Chronic care management
Minor emergencies
Urgent care 
No primary care deductible
No primary care copay
Up to 90% or more off many generic medications
Up to 90% or more off labs
Immunizations wholesale when available
Hugely discounted CT/MRI/Ultrasound
Does not include:
Major medical or true emergency services
  1. Major Medical Service Offering-NFT

Time activated/expired service smart-contract with price and payment determined by each service provider

All NFT’s are sovereign independent contracts between individual clinician or practice and individuals for delineated medical services.

Example of a type 2 NFT:

Cholecystectomy (Elective Laparoscopic) NFT
5865.00 xUSD

The facility fee
The surgeon’s fee
The anesthesiologist’s fee
The initial consultation with the surgeon
Routine follow-up care
If surgery is not indicated $200 will be retained

NOT included: Requiring Separate NFT
Any diagnostic studies necessary prior to the surgery


Consultations with outside specialists to determine medical risk/management
Physical therapy and rehabilitation
Any overnight stay at our facility can be arranged on a case-by-case basis for an 		 
    additional charge 
Lodging and travel expenses
Expenses or fees resulting from complications subsequent to the completion of 		 
    the surgery and discharge from the facility	
  1. Major Medical Sharing Fund - NFT

A 3rd type of is a non-corporate/non-government major medical premium sharing fund. Once the blockchain inventory for types 1 and 2 is mature within a region or community this will automate a premium funding pledge for a membership guided community cooperative plan. The plan would be transactive once an adequate level of pledged regional/community reserve premium funding equivalent to the budget based on the ask/bid pricing above is achieved. If pledged premium funding of the reserve is not reached by a predetermined date, premium funds are not collected. However, once activated it operate based on member determined protocol automatically without third party intermediaries, and like a health-sharing ministry and will have maximums and some non-funded services. Overages and non-funded services are appealed to the general membership for individual donations via:

4. Regional/Community. Charitable Fund - NFT 

These two ministries 3. and 4. are guided by principles of autonomy, freedom and charity.