Community Meeting (US) - 9.12.2019

Thanks for joining our bi-weekly community call last thursday! Here’s a recap of our community updates.

:video_camera:Video Recording

:new: Recent Blockstack News
Blockstack PBC Raises $23M in Token Offerings more about this recent news here

:fire: Evangelist Updates
:cn:River, Beijing
•Generating developer traction in Beijing through the ff:

:fr:JC Finidori, Paris
•Lead the DID Workshop @OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum

:es:Georgina Mauriño, Madrid
• Speaking @ Tech Party 2019 Madrid
• Organizing the 1st Blockstack Meetup in Madrid next week
• Established community partnership with Cryptoplaza

:belgium:Friedger, Brussels
• Planning a three series meetup in Belgium w/ Youghnes

:us:Juliet and Terje, San Francisco
•Lead what’s dAppening - Feedback → Great event at Starfish. Very engaged crowd. Good presentations by Debray - CodeSwitch and Seenazz. Lot’s of questions about authentication/identity. Discussed setting up formal mentor hours with Starfish.

:new: Community Events

:pen: Resources for the week:
Check out this virtual #Radiks workshop led by Blockstack PBC Engineer, Hank Stoever: @heynky

:woman_judge:t5: Discussion Points

  • We’re moving to discord? do you want to be a part of the experimental co-hort please let @jrmith know
  • We’re posting an evangelist spotlight every week on @blockstackrs
  • We’re Posting an app founder spotlight every week on @BlockstackApps
  • Posting an app feature every week on @TheDappStore

If you’re an app creator and wants to be featured on @BlockstackApps and
@TheDappStore send us a message :e-mail:

P.S. All comments and suggestions are welcome as always. :pray: