Community Meeting (US) - 8.15.2019

Thanks for joining our bi-weekly community call yesterday! Here’s a recap of our community updates.

:new: Recent Blockstack news:

  • Hottest news last week was Blockstack + Lambda School
    We are Bringing Apps that “Can’t be Evil” to Global Classroom, read more here

:new: Community Events:

  • August 15 - NYC: Burger’s Beers and Blockstack: Learnt to Build Apps c/o Jude and Gina
  • August 15 - Remote: Building apps that Can’t Be Evil c/o Mary at Cryptochicks
  • August 19 - Berlin: Mark Hendrickson @ Web3 Summit
  • August 19 - NYC: We will be discussing Clarity @ NYC Blockchain Devs
  • August 20 - SF: Learn to build apps at StarFish c/o Mary Anthony and Matt Davis
  • August 22 - Remote: “Can’t Be Evil” Contest: Part 2 Webinar with Jenny Mith, Blockstack
  • August 22 - Blockstack Feierabend - Berlin Blockchain Week
  • August 22 - Brighton: Mike Cohen of Radicle @ Safenetwork Brighton Meetup

:fire:Blockstack Evangelists/Community updates:

  • Onboarded Laryn from Lambda School as an Evangelist
  • Ricardo is leading Blockstack Feierabend with Mark and Friedger
  • Joshua is creating Blockstack Malaysia
  • Mirlo is doing a meetup this September 17th

:fountain_pen:Resources for the week:

:bell:dApp Updates:

  • 195 APPS Overall! Which ones are your favorite?

:man_judge:Discussion Points:

  • How can we make the community valuable to you?
  • What do you think leaders in the community should be doing regularly?
  • What would make being a Blockstack Evangelist immensely valuable or exciting to you?

:memo:Overall comments from Evangelists:

  • Personal and skills development in return for community contribution.
    • Networking, Invitation to exclusive events, meet the blockstack team and opportunity to meet thought leaders/investors in the space, build their credibility and own brand in the space, more education
  • Suggestions
    • Evangelist starter deck plus FAQ Sheets
    • Educational Material - too much noises out there, we need a summary of everything
    • Pointing to the right direction (which threads are for what?)
    • Tracker link for ID creation in Meetups
    • Referral Program for app mining
    • Use their own strengths to create their own roles as an evangelist
      • Business/Marketing for dApp mentors
      • Story-tellers for user acquisition
      • Technical for dApp mentors and more…

:handshake:Community dApp Assistance:

Muneeb from XOR Drive asked for help

  • Jenny to provide an outreach to help dApp creators bring awareness to their apps
  • Louise to provide a framework for user segmentation to help build XOR Drive’s user persona that can be used in growing its user base + adding awareness + other marketing strategies.
  • Dan, Denis and Laryna gave some really good advice to Muneeb and his product.