Community Meeting (US) - 6.20.2019

Thanks for joining our bi-weekly community call yesterday! Here’s a recap of our community updates.

:video_camera:Video Recording

:new: Recent Blockstack news:

:new: Community Events

  • June 21: Remote - Coinlist + Blockstack FIRESIDE CHAT
  • June 22: Croatia - [email protected]
  • June 22: Chicago -Hackathon - Build a Blockstack app
  • June 24: SF - Women LvL up with Gina
  • June 25: SF - [email protected] 2019
  • June 27: Remote - Blockstack x IH Worldwide x Graphite
  • June 27: Hamilton - Hackathon with Pete
  • June 27: NYC - Blockstack @ Javascript.NYC
  • June 27: NYC - NYC Blockchain Devs Blockchain Thursday!

:fire: Blockstack Evangelists updates:

  • Su Bo and Gavin are leading our upcoming meetups in China particularly in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Check out their Blockstack’s Bihu Page
  • Gavin will also represent Blockstack in a ETH Hackathon. Their idea is to build a Blockstack app that uses Gaia storage and eth smart contracts.

:pen: Resources for the week:

:studio_microphone:Stacks Podcast

:iphone:dApp Updates

  • BlackHole - Blockchain meet filetransfer
  • - Another note taking app
  • - Alex Lee did a good job on showing how you integrate lightning payments to your game and how to build a business around it.
  • Dmail also integrated lightning payments
  • Mila Labs - a decentralized CRM tool.