Community Meeting (US) - 12.5.2019


Thanks for joining our last U.S. bi-weekly community call for 2019!

Please see the recap below to see what has been discussed.

:new: Community Updates

  • activated the partnership with to bring Blockstack apps to over 40 million Blockchain Wallets. You can check the current number of registered identities here:
  • We highly suggest to our developer evangelist friends to go on telegram and promote your apps. There’s also a new group where you could increase the awareness of your app to new users in our ecosystem.
  • @HariniRajan our new evangelist from New Hampshire joined her first community call and she emphasized on Women Privacy and her experience in leading some of the sessions from the Madrid workshops hosted by @Mirlo.
  • @Prateek gave an update about Genesis Devcon Bangalore and possible community collaborations in India.
  • @Mirlo gave a recap about their November events that built the Blockstack community in Madrid: MeetUp, workshops and presentation to developers.
  • @friedger created a “Blockstack moment” for a user at a Holochain event with Arcane Maps :fire:

:fountain_pen: Discussion Points

  • Digital Citizenship and Blockstack High-Level Competitive Analysis as possible community content.
  • Addressing end-users and our upcoming challenge: adoption. How do we engage end-users to use DApps to enter crypto singularity? Where?
  • Developers, Designers, Users working together… just a recommendation or a real need when building Blockstack DApps?
  • How to build out evangelist “tracks” or focuses, e.g. technology, education, growth (?)
  • Any suggestion for strategic partnerships with other communities, e.g. Codemotion, JAMStack, Hacks/Hackers
  • Use to share knowledge?
  • Evangelists should be more involved w/ the app mining issues?
  • Can’t Be Evil is a spectrum - It is important to note that every problem is not solved by the Blockstack Platform itself.@dant

:bell: Action Items

  • :white_check_mark: We should define what Digital Citizenship is?
  • :white_check_mark: Look into Bitnation as a reference for Digital Citizenship.
  • :white_check_mark: We need to break down the silos within the developer and evangelists community.
  • :white_check_mark: Map out a plan to connect app developers to the community and evangelists.
  • :white_check_mark: @dant to share relevant app mining issues
  • :white_check_mark: @livpayawal to look into

Community Events

12/6 Seoul - TechFin Asia Larry
12/6 Malaysia: Blockstack Coffee Meetup Joshua
12/7 NYC: Gotham DLT Hackathon MLH
12/14 India: Hackoff MLH

:toolbox: Community Resources

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