Community Meeting (US) - 11.7.2019

Thanks for joining our bi-weekly community call yesterday! Here’s a recap.

Since the last time we saw each other, we have achieved a lot as a community. Here are some of the notable highlights for the past few weeks:

•Our Blockstack Summit was a success! Video recording will be released soon. Stay tuned. :point_up:
•Our native token got listed in Binance and HashKeyPro.
•We are also with working other partners for STX liquidity. Last October 31, we just announced a partnership with GSR Markets Limited to provide overseas liquidity for the Stacks token (STX)
•We also launched DeleteYourDebt and Can’t Be Evil 3.
•Last November 3, we did the public investor call with Muneeb and Brittany to catch up on all the latest Blockstack news and Q3 updates.

:new: Community Events

11/7 Brussels - Truly Serverless Apps Friedger and Younes
11/8 Africa: Blockstack Campus Meetup Chidi
11/8 Madrid: 12 Hour dapp Workshop (1/4) Mirlo
11/9 Bangalore: Can’t Be Evil 3 Workshop Mirlo
11/9 Delhi: Blockchain Weekend w/ Harmony One Prateek
11/12 SF: Openheimer’s Fintech Summit Brittany
11/12 Madrid: Madrid Blockchain Week Mirlo
11/13 SF: App mining mentorship Juliet and Terje
11/15 NYC: Can’t Be Evil 3 Workshop Blockstack + USV
11/15 Indonesia: Intro to Blockstack and App Mining Riqi

:fountain_pen: Discussion Points

  • @Patricia R wants to create an approachable and open vibe for any curious designers and developers to come through and join the conversation.
  • @Resurfacing Overlay Studio ( who would love to work with some projects long term and take your apps to the next level.
  • @DeBray C is asking if anyone interested in collaborating on a series of in-person (and maybe streamed) workshops for beginners interested in participating in the Hackathon and future Hackathons?

:bell: Action Items

  • Call with @Patricia R to devise a human-centered approach for our meetups.
  • Create an overall comparison of Blockstack with other projects as suggested by Prateek
  • 1:1 with @Denis S