Community Meeting (US) - 10.10.2019

Thanks for joining our bi-weekly community call last Thursday! Here’s a recap of our community updates.

:new: Recent Blockstack news:
Developer Experience: Some notable Highlights from Q3 include the following:

- Authentication and On-boarding
    - User success team researching new approaches to onboarding new Blockstack app users
- Collections
    - Developer preview, would enable data sharing across apps
- App Mining
    - Increased overall app mining payouts
- Clarity
    - Since developer preview launch, we’ve addressed several bugs and added more language features
- Platform reliability
    - Added redundancy and disaster-recovery capabilities to our internal infrastructure

You can read more in the blog section:

The Annual Blockstack Hardfork is October 18, 2019
As discussed in 2018, we plan to feature at least two hard forks in 2019. This is the first one that will introduce the tokens from the recent Regulation A and Regulation S sales, as well as the August and September App Mining STX payouts . If you participated in the Regulation A or Regulation S offerings or received STX tokens in App Mining, this hard fork instantiates your tokens and begins the unlock process for them.

:new: Community Events:

10/10 Blockstack Amsterdam Diwaker, Kyran, Louise
10/10 Blockstack x TokenGazer TokenGazer
10/12 HackUIowa Hackathon MLH
10/12 Blockstack @ :jack_o_lantern: October + Hacktoberfest event 2019 Mirlo
10/14 Blockstack Brussels Friedger + Younes
10/15 Amsterdam Hard Fork Summit Louise
10/16 Portland Beers and Blockstack Dan Trevino

:fire:Blockstack Evangelists/Community updates:

  • Georgina Mauriño is presenting at Open Source Weekends (OSW)
  • Friedger and Younes are starting the first meetup of their series on Monday which will be mainly focused on getting started with serverless applications, decentralized login, and storage.
  • More content from River
    • He wrote a Dapp feature article for Blockphoto and feed
    • 5 educational videos on Youtube
    • One upcoming workshop with Authi Team
  • Marvin Melzas is teaching a 12-week course about Blockstack apps (5-6 hours per week) starting January 6
  • Our community is expanding to two more countries
    • Morocco - lead by Youssef
    • Indonesia - lead by Riqi