Community Meeting (US) - 1.30.2020

Here’s a recap of our 1st community meeting for 2020

Yesterday, we tackled various agenda such as our Community Goals for 2020, Developer community outreach and feedback, and adoption beyond our community.

We still have to pin down our community goals for 2020. So, I’m gonna start another forum post about it where you can all contribute to what you think should be the goals that we can feel accountable to.

:medal_sports: Community Wins

:pen: To Do

  • For Brad’s wiki - access to videos of past 2.0 talks
  • More content about Collections
  • Pin down demographics for developer outreach
  • Wishlist of open source applications to integrate Blockstack Auth (i.e. Open Collective)
  • Working groups for Stacking/PoX
  • Community help for code of conduct guide in Discord

:new: Community Events

  • Blockstack Community events all over the horizon full list here
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You should link to the wiki using the domain name ( because the gaia hub link address is not fixed, it changes.