Community Meeting (Asia) - 8.29.2019

Thanks for joining our bi-weekly community call yesterday! Here’s a recap of our community updates.

:new: Recent Blockstack news:

For those who haven’t heard Recruit Holdings made a strategic investment in the Blockstack network.

Recruit is one of the biggest Japanese internet companies with more than a $50 billion market cap. Glassdoor ($1.2 billion) and Indeed ($1 billion) are just a few of their big acquisitions. With Recruit’s help, the Stacks Blockchain and Blockstack developer tools will be introduced to forward-thinking developers in Japan. Read more in this blog post.

:new: Community Events:

  • August 30 → Dmails Live AMA on telegram
  • September 3 → JS Conference Korea
  • September 4 → Blockstack Austria
  • September 5 → Remote: Radiks Virtual Workshop with Hank Stoever, Blockstack PBC core engineer.
  • September 5 → Seoul Meetup
  • September 11 → Finland Meetup
  • September 17 → Wanxiang
  • September 17 → Blockstack Madrid

:fire:Blockstack Evangelists/Community updates:

  • On-boarded new Evangelists
    ** New Jersey: Fahad Khan
    ** SF: Juliet
    ** SF: Terje
    ** Ethopia: Anteneh
  • River + Shooter published 10 new articles + tutorials
  • Evangelist Gifts were sent out from the Blockstack Team
  • Our Telegram community is growing w/ 100+ user per week according to Joshua

:fountain_pen:Resources for the week:

Whitepaper v2.0 Lunch & Learn with @aaron, you can find a recording of the session here.

:bell:dApp Updates:

•August 2019 App Mining results is out. Here are some highlights.

•Dmail is top 1 for 3 consecutive months
•Coming in 2nd place is BentenSound
•Arcane Docs grabs the 3rd spot
***3 Apps from Top 10 came from Walterion the Wizard
•Our beloved friend Alex Lee also made it to top 4 with EZResize.
•DaDroit JSON reviewer lands on 5th place.
•Dan Trevino released LandHo and we are loving it.

What do blockstackers
think about the new ranking?

:handshake:Community dApp Assistance: is looking for feedback w/ his new app idea. Here’s a blurb about it.

  • The app idea that he ran past in the last community call was a UI for managing a Gaia hubs connection settings to its backend storage - this would be an MVP for which they are looking to launch in October. They also want to build a dropbox driver for Gaia as a later iteration. In addition, they want to simplify their app from multi-user to single-user functionality.