Community Meeting (Asia) - 8.1.2019

Thanks for joining our bi-weekly community call yesterday! Here’s a recap for everyone.

:video_camera:Video Recording

:new: Recent Blockstack news:

:new: Community Events

:fire: Blockstack Evangelists updates:

  • Pete is moving Blockstack Wakaito to Oakland
  • JC is exploring Blockstack Geneva
    -He is also connecting Blockstack (Muneeb) to Elastos (Rong Chen)
  • Goodluck spearheading a Blockstack Workshop in Lagos Nigeria
  • Mirlo is doing a 5 series meetup with Cryptoplaza Madrid
  • 3 New Evangelists Onboarded
    - Matt K - New Jersey
    - Carlos Roldan - Alicante, Spain
    - River - Beijing

:pen: Resources for the week:

:iphone: dApp Updates

Blockstackers! See you all in the next bi-weekly community call :muscle: