Community Meeting (ASIA) - 11.21.2019

Thanks for joining our bi-weekly community call last Thursday! Here’s a recap.

:new: Community Updates

  • Cant Be Evil3 is here with new judges and categories. Help us circle it out to your community!
  • First Community Call with Muneeb was a success! View the recording and minutes here.
  • Blockstack Indonesia 1st Meetup in Yogyakarta (15th Nov 2019) went smoothly. 30 people attended the event.
  • Prateek, Shankar, Rohan will be at Genesis Devcon 2019 in Bangalore. They will give a Blockstack workshop on day 2 at Hall B.

:new: Community Events

11/16 Africa - DevFest Dar es Salaam Gatare
11/20 Remote: Can’t Be Evil 3 Webinar Xan
11/20 SF: App Mining Workshop Juliet and Terje
11/22 Madrid: 12 Hour Dapp Workshop (3/4) Mirlo
11/23 Prague: Blockstack Praha Chapter 3 Pete
11/24 Bangalore: Genesis DevCon 2019 Shankar and Prateek
11/28 Vietnam: Bitcoin 5 Year Anniversary Larry
11/29 Madrid: 12 Hour Dapp Workshop (4/4) Mirlo
12/3 Remote: AMA

:fountain_pen: Discussion Points

  • Planning to impose community metrics for our community efforts next year. For the community by the community.
  • Juan Cabello, a full stack developer from New Zealand is looking to join an app mining team, any takers?
  • @Friedger started the 1st Digital Rights group in Brussels. Any possible topics to discuss?

:bell: Action Items

  • Prior to last week’s request, I started a competitive analysis doc where we can all share our community insight. Feel free to add here.
  • Talha is going to GDG DevFest this Sunday in Istanbul to scope the Turkish Community and how we can build the Blockstack community around it.
  • Stephen Sunday is planning a google developer hangout session and need to get back to Louise about further details.
  • Need to connect Mirlo to Marvin Melsaz for the Blockstack curriculum that he is starting.