Community Meeting - 05.08.2019 (Asia)

Thanks for joining our bi-weekly community call yesterday! Here’s a recap of our community updates.

:video_camera:Video Recording

:new: Recent Blockstack news:

  • Can’t be evil contest was just launched! Join in moving the internet forward by building Blockstack apps. $15,000 in cash prizes and much more are up for grabs.

:new: Community Events

Our Asia Tour is over! More than 200 Blockstackers joined us in HK, SG, and Seoul.

We’re at various events for New York City Blockchain Week :point_down:

:fire:Blockstack Evangelists updates:

:pen:Resources for the week

  • Blockcrunch Podcast - Jason Choi interviewed Muneeb and they tackled
  1. How much “decentralization” is enough?
  2. Muneeb’s critique of Ethereum
  3. Blockstack’s latest SEC filing and what it means for crypto
    Listen to the podcast here
  • Alex of Debut released the last video tutorial for his Blockstack + React series!
    Now, it is 22 videos of building a full-fledged Blockstack application from scratch.

:iphone:dApp Updates