Community Meeting - 03.26.2020

Thanks for all the Evangelists and Blockstackers who attended our open community call. Here’s a recap of our session today that summarizes all the ongoing initiatives and the call to action for each!

:earth_asia:Community Development

  • Newly onboarded Evangelists

    • @dino started in the space by investing in the Ethereum project last 2016. He was part of the Bitcoin Embassy in Israel, led a big event last year in Tel Aviv (DeFi and Dapps Day), and for the past 10 months, he was working at Efficient Frontier who is a leading liquidity provider and algo-trading company in the crypto financial markets.
    • Allen has been working with Ethereum for a long time now and currently developing a blockchain community all over India with Zubi.
    • Let’s all welcome Din and Allen!
  • Community Strategy leading to Stacks 2.0

    • Meetup themes that are critical to launching Stacks 2.0 have been released:
      • PoX Overview
      • Mining with PoX
      • Stacking
    • 14 Evangelists have stepped up to do their own PoX virtual meetups.
    • See the paper doc for the sign of success and resources for each meetup themes. If you’re interested in helping the community-initiated hard fork through community development please drop me a message at [email protected] and I’m more than happy to walk you through.
  • Upcoming Clarity Tooling Hackathon

    • The main goal of the hackathon is to build tools that will improve #Clarity and create a friendlier developer experience. We will release the full information next week!
    • Please see the list below for the categories of the upcoming tooling Hackathon. If you have any comments about the tooling categories please let @shannon know as we’re more than happy to incorporate your feedback.
      • Visualization - Visual Editors, Auditor Extensions, and Documentation Generator are some of the visualization tools that our developer community need.
        Examples: Solgraph, Solidity Visual Editor
      • Analysis and Coverage -> Security tools, Static Analysis tools and Code Coverage are some of the tools for this category.
        Examples: Mythx, Manticore, Code coverage for Solidity
      • Developer Efficiency -> Our community needs tools that will flag bugs, constructs, and stylistic errors that will make code easier to read and review.
        Examples: Solhint, Linters
  • New ways of working for our community

    • Models that each group can use to get aligned on mission/goals
    • For example, Business Models group could ask themselves every week, “Is the work we’re doing helping developers make money on Blockstack?”
    • PoX group could ask, “Is the work we’re doing increasing the number of miners, stackers and contracts deployed on Stacks 2.0?”
    • Which groups have an “expiration date” and which groups will work indefinitely?
    • What can we do to work more productively asynchronously? Should we consider having calls every other week?
    • Please contact @jrmith if you have any suggestions on how we could improve collaboration between various working groups.

:hammer:PoX Working Group Update c/o @genTre

  • Harold started by giving an update about the delegation in PoX. He then showed the current prototype for pooling your STX. You can check this Figma link from the product team to get a preview of what its like.

  • First-class delegation, wallets, and delegation software were also discussed in this agenda. Harold specifically highlighted that in their previous working group call they discussed what kind of resources do we need as a community to specifically build these accessibility tools ?

  • Harold also gave an overview of Testnet Phases and discussed each briefly:

    • Phase 1: Neon → Basic phase
    • Phase 2: Argon → Expanded phase of Neon
    • Phase 3: Krypton → Things are gonna accelerate in this phase. Highlighting Stacking and Delegation.
    • Phase 4a: Xenon → Move from regtest to c/to THE REAL BTC TESTNET
    • Phase 4b → Upgrade phase
    • Phase 5 → May run in perpetuity in parallel w/mainnet like BTCs testnet
  • Lastly, he went over the various tiers of incentives and how one can participate in the coming testnet:

    • Mission Critical Breaking Bugs before main net launch(chain split, reorgs, stopping chain or taking over)highest rewards
    • Major Bugs not mission-critical but still serious stealing funds from a contract, slowing network down sufficiently(more details Friday)
    • Minor Bugs- things not working as expected; cli or interface bugs.
  • If you wanna know more about the various phases of testnet, its incentives, overview and PoX working group updates see Harold’s overview in this paper doc link.

    * Please fill up this survey form as we’re crowdsourcing questions from our community to build a testnet FAQ. Please help Jenny and the PoX working by submitting all your testnet-related questions here before Friday: Take the survey form now!
    * Please fill up the testnet ambassador survey program if you’re interested to be an early tester of Stacks 2.0. This is a chance for you to get involved in shaping its key functionalities such as mining, stacking and delegation, and compete for testnet bounties. Be a testnet ambassador now!

:balance_scale:Governance Working Group Update c/o @JulietOberding

  • Juliet gave an overview of what the governance group has been working on the past few weeks.

  • Stakeholder Interviews - Lane held interviews with Blockstack PBC employees and our community members. In this interview, we are gonna learn the individual Blockstack experience of each stakeholder in our community. Lane will unravel the insights of his research by next week, so watch out for this one!

  • Governance Proposal - Talks about the overall governance for the Blockstack ecosystem moving forward. Juliet said that this is some sort of roadmap that will be presented to the community. The question is how does this proposal fit in with our community values and how do we proceed with it?

  • Stacks Foundation - the foundation is currently in its early stages. Singapore was chosen as the home of the foundation due to legal and tax ramification. The foundation will be led by Brittany and will have various roles in it which includes but not limited to the board of directors, community observers, etc.

  • CALL TO ACTION: Blockstack Stakeholder Governance Survey - This gives a pulse to our community and provides an understanding of how governance relates to Blockstack. Everyone has a stake on how governance in our ecosystem will develop which include the distribution of funds to developers, the future of app mining and more. Please support the effort by taking the survey, and getting your own local communities to fill it up as well:

:briefcase:Business Model Working Group Update c/o @whoabuddy

  • Jason gave an overview of their past meetings. Some key takeaway from his updates are the following:

  • On March 2nd, they were laying down the foundation of their working group, talking about target markets and business models before diving down into new ideas about value creation. They nailed down that STX holders are the specific segment that we want to champion as a community. He also emphasized a note from Harold in which he talked about high-value data and how it relates to collections -> how do we create value while retaining our #CantbeEvil vision.

  • Jason highlighted a few conversations on the week of March 16th as well. First, Terje was proposing a better way on how we can collaborate better as a group. Second, he also emphasized his conversation with Patrick. Patrick said that if PoX is good for Blockstack why not extend it to one more layer. This concept highlights specifically outline the user staking model where users can be involved directly on the technology.

  • Survey and key takeaways
    The Business Model Working Group discussed the RICE Scoring of several ideas submitted by the community in this Google Sheet, as well as took an additional vote during the meeting to prioritize our top ideas from the main list of ~40 or so entries.

  • RICE scoring exercise and key takeaways
    Following the results of their RICE exercise, Jason took the lead in segmenting the top ideas into five categories: Clarity / Smart Contracts, App Tokens, Shared Tools, Education / Misc

    Please contribute some thoughts about the top ideas from their group votes.
    Forum posts about those top discussion topics are highly appreciated as well.

  • If you wanna know more information about the current status of the business model working group, please see this detailed forum post summary by Jason


Awesome! Cannot wait to see Stacks 2.0~

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