Community Feedback on our new Explorer

Hello Blockstack community!

You may have seen that we’ve been doing a lot of work to launch our new genesis block, with support for new tokens. Our previous explorer (at wouldn’t have support for that token, and it was just a fork of an existing Bitcoin explorer. This made it harder to modify and make it our own.

We decided to build a new explorer from scratch, to highlight new Blockstack names, support Stacks-related data, and match our branding.

We’re asking the community to let us know about any feedback or issues you see in this new project. It should have all the same functionality as the old explorer, with a few new things:

One week from today (November 7th, 2018), if the website seems stable, we’ll move this new explorer to the URL

Thanks for checking it out!


Hey looks awesome great work.

It would be nice if you could show an error message when searching something that doesn’t exist, right now just seems a little broken pressing enter and nothing happening.

Not sure how feasible but would be really cool to search across namespaces. e.g. typing ‘hank’ would give results of ‘’ and ‘hank.blockstack’.

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It looks like the blocks in the block explorer are still bitcoin blocks. I don’t think mining is possible yet on the Stacks blockchain, but I assume this will be updated when it is possible?