[Community Feedback] A newly designed blockstack.org

Hi everyone!

You might have noticed that we’ve got a new website! If not, feel free to check it out -> https://blockstack.org/

We’ve spent a bunch of time and effort in trying to make it communicate the core ideas of Blockstack better than we have before, along with a refresh in the general aesthetics and structure.

We’d love to hear from the community about any comments, questions, or ideas that you might have to make it better. This can be anything from content suggestions, design critiques, or anything else!

Here are the pages that got the biggest updates:



I failed to comment here, but love the redesign. I think it strikes a nice balance between developers and users. While I liked the dev-centric nature of the previous version, developers also need users and the Blockstack brand has a pretty good (and growing) surface area, so I like that we’re leveraging that to send more people to apps.