Community Dev Call (03/04/20): Agenda, Recording, Notes

[Update: Watch the full recording of the call here.]

10:00–10:05am: Welcome, introductions

10:05–10:25am: PBC updates

  • Testnet demo
  • Authenticator demo

10:25–10:40am: Community updates

10:40–11:00am: Q&A

(Please feel free to propose questions for the Q&A by replying to this post.)


Questions for Q&A / Discussion (so far):

  • When and how can we release a new version of Radiks? –@friedger, @dant
  • How much will the engineering team maintain Radiks over time? –@leopradel
  • Is there a possibility of building out a mobile native Radiks? –@xanderjakeq
  • Can we discuss technology choices? For context, those using Radiks are restricted to MongoDB and there’s a React dependency for the Blockstack Connect UI. –
  • What is the status of data collections? –@sdsantos
  • How do we feel about starting a working group for data collections? –
  • When exactly can we start using smart contracts and what are some common use cases we anticipate seeing? –@sdsantos
  • There are a few new tools that we need moving forward; how will we go about building them? –@sdsantos
  • What upcoming opportunities do community devs have to collaborate? –@sdsantos
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Hi Jenny @jrmith, how to join in the dev call. Is it a zoom meeting?


What is needed to sign a transaction (by a hardware wallet)? Where could I find that code?

For Stacks 2.0, the code is here:

Algorithm description is here:

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There was a list of smart contracts that would make sense to write. Any progress on that? Any more contracts built already?

I like the mix of PBC and community updates.

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