Collective app development platform

The problem as I perceive is the lack of bandwidth (or time) for any one individual to deliver top tier applications.

What I’m proposing is a collective app development platform where anyone (of any skill level) can participate in the various stages of an apps development. These phases could be (but not limited to) Choosing a name and logo, creating wireframes and even committing to the final code.

Apps created could benefit by having a revenue model in mind in order to incentivize participation from each stage. For instance, a set amount of royalties could be awarded for the various stages of development. Gaining 1% of the total royalties for submitting and receiving the most votes on a logo could be an example.

Alternatively or additionally you could propose a STX amount needed to fund the entire project and have those funds distributed for the various stages as well. This could tie into the 30m set aside for app mining in the future.

Smart contracts available in clarity would drastically improve the process of this proposal, but performing a MVP run before then could help iron out some of the kinks as well.

It’s worth noting that the entirety of this idea is loosely based on an early version of where this concept was proven in the realm of physical products. So feel free to check that out to get the full scope of what I have in mind.

Thanks in advance for any feedback given on this forum!


I really like this idea. Let’s hunt down those devs that can help implement this. :innocent:

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I think this is a good idea. In my opinion, app mining is a social program so having the community vote is what makes sense to me. The attempt to automate app mining and coming up with some sort of “objective” metric has proven infeasible. It was shown that the previous model could be gamed by developers. And how does one even measure app popularity? Identities can be created on the fly and measuring reach on Twitter or any other social media platform feels arbitrary. Having those vote that actually have a stake in the system—the community itself—therefore makes sense.

I think the first step is to require verified identities, where one identity equals one vote. It can then follow a model akin to Quirky’s for distributing STX based on app (development) popularity based on the aforementioned votes.

Why verified identities? Again, it is because I believe that app mining is a social program. Anonymous identities can still use the ecosystem as they like but should not be able to influence the direction of app mining.

The level of verification required is an open question.

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Currently, you have already some opportunities to collaborate like here: or other open source repository issue trackers.

The challenge is to get the funding, maybe gitcoin or neufund are interesting…

However, for product development a certain concensus needs to be there, not only voting.