So i’m new to Blockstack and find it very interesting. I am confused by the principle of the Blockstack Core node, is that where I can contribute a Node for the network to use?

If so can someone explain to me these?

passwd (default: "blockstacksystem"):
regtest (default: "False"):
spv_path (default: "/root/.virtualchain-spv-headers.dat"):
server (default: ""):
p2p_port (default: "8333"):
user (default: "blockstack"):
timeout (default: "300"):
port (default: "8332"):
Saving configuration to /root/.blockstack-server/blockstack-server.ini

I dont see an explaintain anywhere for these values in the configuration?

all the views, no one knows? :face_with_monocle:

Those are almost all settings for connecting to bitcoind.

The only exceptions are spv_path, which points to where the bitcoind’s SPV headers will be stored, and timeout, which controls how long Blockstack Core will wait on a request to bitcoind before timing out.