Clarification on Gaia Hub Address


I just want to know more about Gaia Hub’s address,

  1. Is Gaia hub address changeable after it is created?
  2. Will Gaia hub address contain any special characters (like ‘.’, ‘-’, ‘_’, ‘,’ ‘/’)? Or it would be always an alphanumeric?
  3. Is it possible to find/track the Blockstack Id from Gaia hub address?


My question is what is the gaiahub’s address? You mean website like

Thanks for your reply Gavin, I meant (highlighted with bold font below), the gaia address which is generated per app by blockstack.js. .json.

Also looking for confirmation whether if domain name would change in future?

The reason for this question is, I’m planning to mention this domain and user’s hub address in program for quick retrieval of public data without using getFile(). Currently, I see it is slower because for each call made to access the files in gaia for a user, firstly there is a request to for name resolution followed by profile request. It slows down the pages for BlockSurvey. Looking to improve the experience by solving this. Please advise if there are other ways as well.

You tell a lot about the tech-stack in detail, so I guess you are a developer.

Firstly, I want to tell you how Dapp find your own file in gaiahub. In stackV1, dapp will send a request to to get information in detail about your Blockstack id. For example, my ID is, so dapp using blockstack.js will visit and it shows like the following picture.

The gaiahub address is in the “zonefile” column. The gaiahub from its definition is a private locker, it can be launched everywhere. And if you launch a gaiahub and change your zonefile and redirect your gaiahub to where you launch, the Dapp will work fetching data from your own gaiahub.

Secondly, you discuss about the problem of’s request speed, I also met the same problem, you can see my topic created several days before named Blockstack-core connection problem in China. I have discussed with @diwaker offline , he said Blockstack-core is a distributed network, anyone could launch a new core-node if you want. But unfortunately the blockstack.js just communicate with the official core node. This may be a problem to improve your experience in a short period of time. But our team are promoting it and you don’t have to worry.

Thanks a lot for your answer. @gavin.