A lot of open-source developers use IRC for real-time chat. We’ve tried using Gitter as well. Wondering how many people here use IRC vs Gitter? I’m going to try and stay online on the #blockstack channel on freenode this week as an experiment. Feel free to drop by!

After trying out IRC and also looking at how @drwasho and @brianhoffman are using Slack for public chat, we’re inclined towards using Slack instead of IRC. Here is the public signup page:

Again, this is experimental and we’re looking for people to chime in and help out in deciding on a real-time chat platform. We’ll leave this topic open for a week or so for comments and then pick a platform.


I like Slack. They have a nice mobile app with decent identity management now, which is really the deal-sealer vis a vis other platforms. Would prefer a decentralized platform with e2e encryption capabilities but since everything on this Slack is intended to be public anyways this is not a huge deal. The only concerns we need to be aware of would be Slack losing data, shutting down, or jacking up their prices.

BTW that Slackin integration is pretty slick! Onboarding is usually pretty awkward with Slack if you’re trying to do it for a lot of people and this landing page makes it much easier.

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