Checking available names stuck (and more)


I am often stuck when checking available names (no response even after several hours)
And sometimes also stuck when signing with my blockstack id when launching the forum
And sometimes some apps never start

May i miss something (i use the latest version of the blockstack browser with Safari on MacOS) ? or is it only at a beginning stage mainly for developers and user experience is not a priority for the moment ? I could understand this but UX will be a key factor success at some point. The earliest would be best

(Sorry for my english)


The current version of the macOS can experience slow response times depending on varying network conditions. However, as we move to a new architecture, the performance of these operations should improve across the board, which we believe will dramatically improve the overal user experience. Hopefully, these changes will make their way into the product within the next couple releases (you can track the progress and road map of some of these by checking out our github repos (in particular our browser repo).