Charged twice for username?

Hi, I think I have been charged twice for a username. How can this be checked and corrected?

Thanks in advance.

Names are registered on the Blockchain so you should see the transactions, and therefore the charges against an identity / name from the Stacks explorer:

Thanks!! I see the two transactions :confused: what can I do about it? how can I claim a refund?

If I am claiming only one username, why was I charged twice? is that even possible?

there might be some kind of error
did you manage to fix it?

There are always two transactions, one for pre-ordering, one for registration.

You are charged a transactions fees for both transactions (in a recent example that was $1.50 + $1.20) and a registration fee (to burn address in first transaction - $2.40). In addition, a small amount is transferred to the owner address in the second transaction ($0.30). These are all the costs for registering a name.

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Thanks for this info :wink: