Changing the miner fee when sending STX using the Stacks wallet

Is there a way to override the fee estimation within the Stacks Wallet?

Yesterday I tried to send my STX out of my Stacks Wallet, but I didn’t have any BTC. It told me I needed 0.00017048 BTC to pay the fee, so I sent that much BTC to my Stacks Wallet. Today, I still cannot make my transaction because the estimated fee has changed to 0.00024432 BTC.

I think STX uses the Bitcoin blockchain under the hood? I want to do the equivalent of a 1 sat/byte transaction fee. My intent is to just empty the Stacks Wallet, not leave any BTC dust in the wallet, and not spend too much BTC too empty it. I don’t care if my transaction stays in the Bitcoin mempool for hours/days.

I ended up looking into the source code for the wallet app to answer my own question. It’s not possible (but I did butcher the code and run a private build to get my transaction through).

This might be a nice addition to the UI for future versions…

Do you mind to send a pull request?

You wouldn’t want to merge it :slight_smile:

I just created a hack to force the miner fee to be fixed and very low. Most users won’t want this as it will cause their transaction to be in the mempool for potentially a very long time. Ideally there would be a slider in the UI that lets users pick a fee rate, and see an estimate of how long their transaction will be in the mempool if they pick that fee rate. This is not what I built, though.