Can't Withdraw STX from binance

Has anyone else had this issue? I created a wallet, and everything seemed to work fine. I hit the “Receive” button, copied the address, and asked Binance to withdraw to that address. Nothing changes on my wallet, while on Binance’s withdrawal history, it stays “Pending” for several hours before changing to “Rejected”. If you hover over the “Rejected” text, it just says “Network Busy”.

The only quirk I can think of is that when I withdraw on Binance, it has a memo field and warns me that for some cryptos, it needs filled out. Do I need to put something here? Or is there some other necessary step?

I haven’t see this issue - withdrawing STX from binance worked for me last time I tried it! Have you contacted Binance support?

I had a separate issue with Binance withdrawl (separate thread earlier)… It removed all my funds from Binance (after about 8-12 hour confirmation), and it sent them to my stacks wallet, however the stacks wallet won’t update the balance, because it says “Invalid”… Seeming like a lot of separate issues moving funds off of Binance.

I haven’t however seen your particular issue. I’m guessing that Binance may have timed out waiting for the BTC network to confirm the transaction… the BTC network has been very busy these last couple of days, and your transaction may take forever to get confirmed if not using high transaction fees.