Can't use any dapp

Hello to everybody. I’m experiencing several issues logging in Blockstack and I can’t use any DApp.

OS: MacOS 10.15.4
Browser: Firefox 75.0

  • Every time I sign in, even during the same session, my Blockstack ID is requested, then I have to enter my password, then my email address. I always get this:

    Why does my account needs to be “restored” every time? Is there a faster way to login, when I’m in the same session? I thought I could fix this by installing the Blockstack app, but it seems pretty much the same to me.

  • After I do this long login process, I’m stuck when attempting to start almost any DApp. The ones I need the most and don’t seem to work are and Arcane Docs (but every Arcane Service gets stuck the same way). What I see is nothing else but the loading page. I’ve tried to leave it loading almost 2h, no improvement.
    Example screenshots: stuck
    Arcane Docs stuck

I’m getting crazy: I have a list of awesome apps I could use and not only it’s an exhausting process to login, I can’t even use them!

Obviously I tried everything from disabling adblock and stuff, loading from incognito mode, etc…

Please help me!
Thanks a lot

Would you like to try the new auth from Blockstack. I have integrated to BlockSurvey. Let me know if it works for you. The experience is better than the previous one.

Thanks a lot for your help. To tell the truth I can’t afford a 10€ a month payment. I’ll look for other solutions, since I still can’t fix this issue.

We haven’t integrated the payment integration yet. It is free to use. However we are going integrate this month and launch with payment. But I’m happy to help you with a free plan. Please share your Blockstack ID to [email protected] and will take care of it. I’m looking forward to help students and NGO’s with a free plan.

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Thank you very much! This could be a wonderful resource and for sure it will be of great help. I just sent the email.

Are you using incognito mode each time perchance? It sounds like that may be what is happening. I can be reached directly at [email protected] too.

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Actually I tried anything. Both incognito and not incognito. Should I email you privately or should I write to the Blockstack support email you suggested?

Thanks a lot @stacksadmin

support email would be best thanks!