Can't sign in with blockstack


I am running blockstack browser on ubuntu.
when I approve the request to login i get this error on the console:

http://localhost:6270/v1/node/drivers/storage/dropbox : Error: Forbidden

the blockstack api is working.

any advice?

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In addition I have the problem the the login request opens localhost on 8888 but does not find anything.

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I had the same problem. that problem only exist on ubuntu.
and after a long journey of debugging I discovered that you need to create an URL handler.

you can execute the create-handler-linux() that exists in the but it didn’t work for me either.
so I needed to create a custom handler for Firefox.

good luck bro.

aaron helped me to resolve this. It was a wrong blockstack api password, you have to use the one from client.ini (e.g. in ~/.blockstack/client.ini)