Can't sign in with Blockstack on Ubuntu


I’ve installed Blockstack v0.22.1 on Lubuntu 16.04 and every time I try to Sign In it opens a new Chrome window without a link. Also tried with v0.22.0 and the master docker images from , but no luck.

Basically I have the same problem as in this post .
I can confirm that I have the file ~/.local/share/applications/blockstack.desktop and that from CLI xdg-open works correctly.

Made a video of the current behavior.
Every time I reload the page it asks me what storage to use and then it redirects to gaia settings page that it’s blank.

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Can you see if this change helps? I think you need to modify the protocol handler:

Thanks for the answer.

I’ve tried the changes in the protocol handler and it didn’t helped.
Then I’ve noticed this:

If you’d like your browser to automatically handle links with the blockstack: protocol specifier, you will need to register a protocol handler with your desktop environment. In Ubuntu/Gnome, this can be done by creating a file

So I’ve installed Ubuntu Gnome to give it a try and Blockstack worked from the first install without having to adjust the protocol handler.

Since it worked on Gnome I thought to try on Ubuntu Mate as well, here it did not worked. At Sign In it opens a new tab correctly with the link, but gives a blank page.

Maybe the protocol handler doesn’t behave the same on different linux desktop environments that are not Gnome.

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