Cant Sign in to the "To Do" apps

I can’t Sign in to the “To Do” apps.
New window pops up with “414 Request-URI Too Large”

@nguyenloc I think we have fixed this issue. Are you able to sign in now?

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Not yet. I try again but it didnt work. :sweat_smile:

hey @nguyenloc are you on most recent version of browser?

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Yes. I have Blockstack v.0.20.0 09 AM

This’s what inside my authentication request --> Invalid Signature …

Hey @nguyenloc, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

How far into the sign-in do you get? You might be receiving the 414 from, not from the browser. Can you get past clicking “Approve?” If so, does the URL in your browser bar have an authResponse query argument? If so, can you post the authResponse JWT?

The JWT parser you use doesn’t handle Blockstack-generated JWTs in general, since they’re signed with the secp256k1 curve (which isn’t supported by that site). If you’re interested, we have a CLI tool for validating the signature here.

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I think I know what’s the problem now. My data has PGP key-pub. It become too large. After I deleted the key, I can sign into the “To Do” apps. Thanks for your help. Btw, I don’t know how to use CLI. Its too technical for me. I think our goal is make it as easy as possible.

I assume that PGP key means Fingerprint, right?

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@nguyenloc you’re spot on. It’s the PGP key. I was having the same problem, but after I removed the PGP key, everything is working. I wonder what the longterm fix is for this, because obviously there is going to be value in having that PGP key associated with your Blockstack profile.

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