Can't register subdomains

I am confused about how can I register subdomains under my name

I cloned the repo on my pc and made it run.

I’m trying to send requests to the localhost endpoints using postman.

I’ve read the documentation on github and in here

  • If I was able to send a proper POST request to the endpoint of the subdomain registrar on my pc will it actually register subdomains on blockstack?

You will need to set up and run a subdomain registrar for You can get the owner and payment keys from your seed phrase using the CLI (via the get_owner_keys command). Assuming you’ve pointed your subdomain registrar to a public Blockstack Core node, your subdomain records will eventually propagate to each and every node in the network.

Hello @jude,

Thanks for the quick reply.
Some updates have happened since I’ve posted the question on the forum.

  • I was able to generate keys from a third party library for (testing purposes) but in the future I’ll make sure to use blockstack-cli.

  • I also registered a subdomain using the endpoint ‘/register’ and when checking the status I get the message “Subdomain is queued for update and should be announced within the next few blocks.”

  • I also checked the subdomain-registrar sqlite database on my local server and made sure the subdomain registration operation reflects in it.


  • How can I make sure that the operation reflects on
    NB: I made the registration with a wallet balance of zero.

  • What is the cost of a registration operation? For a single subdomain? And for complete batch of 120 subdomains?

If your payment balance is zero, then you should see an entry in the log file telling you that it cannot broadcast a transaction for lack of funds. It won’t show up until you fill your payment key, since the underlying NAME_UPDATE transaction on can’t be sent.

They’re the same – it’s the cost of a single NAME_UPDATE Bitcoin transaction, which is between 200 and 400 bytes. You’re only paying dust and Bitcoin tx fees for it.

Makes sense.
I searched for a log file in my local subdomain-registrar project but couldn’t find it.
Can you please tell me where can I check for it?