Can't move stx coins out from Stacks wallet

I have access to a version of the Stacks desktop wallet with a bunch of STX coins. I can get into the wallet, but I can’t move out any of the STX coins inside. Is my only option to restore the wallet, or is there some way to transfer out the STX coins to another wallet before updating and restoring this wallet?

Is the wallet version 3.0? I’m pretty sure if the version of the wallet is not 4.0 or later you will have to restore it via your backed up 24 word seed phrase. If you don’t have that, then your tokens are not retrievable.

Thanks fluidvoice for your help!

I’m not sure what version the wallet is. It was installed sometime last mid to early year I believe. Part of the problem is that the person who created the wallet claims that he was never given a way to create the seed phrase when he first installed the wallet, but he is still able to get into the wallet. Currently, the token that are in the wallet show up, but are labeled as “invalid”.

I’ve heard there is a rule or something that tokens can’t be moved for a year. Do you know if that is why his tokens are labeled as “invalid” or if it is why he can’t transfer them out of this wallet into another one that does have a seed phrase set up for it?