Can't move onename id to blockstack wallet

hey there,

i just recently tried to export my onename id, using onenames’ export tool.
After submitting the form, the popup closes - no message or anything. from the developer console i am able to lookup the response of this transfer-request, which his “success”.

Does that mean the request was indeed successful and just takes a larger amount of time to process?

my userid is
The resolver script ( shows my onename owner_address, i believe.

many thanks in advance for help.


I’d sure like to know about this as well. I am seeing the same thing - success in the console, but nothing after that.

There is already a feature request for that that is currently in development and I think slated for the next major release. That should make it a bit easier. From what I understand it is already possible but takes a “bit” of command line and coding skills :slight_smile: