Can't log into apps

Since updating to the latest release for Mac (v0.19.0) I can’t log into any apps.

I can get to the authentication / approval page and I can see my ID ( but then I get the following when selecting approve

  • Hello Blockstack: “Error: URI Too Long”
  • To Do List: “414 Request-URI Too Large”
  • Forum: Site can’t be reached

I have removed my keychain from my browser, deleted all cookies and re-installed the keychain (selecting default storage), but problem persisted.

I then tried resetting the API settings, but after doing that I got a different prompt when trying to authenticate, saying that I needed to select a storage method. Then on the storage page the only clickable option is “Run your own Gaia storage hub”. I can’t select anything else or deselect the default storage option I chose when restoring my keychain.

I saw in the release notes that you’ve temporarily disable Dropbox storage. Maybe there has been some unintended consequences?

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@stefanf28 Can you provide your $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Blockstack/config/api_endpoint.log to help debug this further?

Are you behind a proxy server or on a corporate network?

@larry - nope, neither
@jackzampolin - here’s a link to the log:
Does look like it may have something to do with the Dropbox change?

@larry v.0.20.0 update fixed the issue

Happy to hear it! Thank you for the update!

Hello Jack @jackzampolin @larryStill unable to login to apps in windows Even on Realease (0.20.1) ,. Recieving the following message

Sign In Request

This application requires using Gaia storage, which is not supported yet in our Windows build. Feature coming soon!


Which application are you trying to sign into? The ToDo application? That, as the error message says is not supported with the current Windows build. It will be enabled soon.

Its Not working with todos , Neither with Signin App, With 0.19.x and 0.20.0 on Windows Build. Now trying 0.20.1 ,.

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Are u sure?
May be no?