Cannot verify my facebook account

I’ve followed the instructions to the t and I just cannot get my FB account verified. I have NO idea what I am doing wrong. here is my post:

Can you just verify my account? This is such a hassle.


Looks like you need to include the following in your actual post on facebook:
Verifying my Blockstack ID is secured with the address 1L2xJAfCQnojRSSL3Gpz4UGpVKbMnBxmxu

Hope that helps!


Hey there,

Apologies that you are experiencing this. Please see our detailed instructions here but on first glance, would add what @cryptocracy suggested. Please reach out if your have any further questions!

I too need your help verifying my Facebook account. Your manual verification would be most appreciated:


I’ve reviewed your link, it appears that you either deleted your Facebook post or its not public (the post has to stay visible to the public or else the validation fails).

Hope that helps!

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I’ve left the post overnight and it did not verify. I give up on the facebook verification process. I just used twitter, hacker news, and github. Finally at 100%

Gotcha – I just made the post public. Thanks for manually verifying.

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Hi there, i cannot seem to verify facebook either, i have repeated steps allot and reset my browser, still didnt work.

If you could manually verify that would be great!!
thanks you

Hi Blockstack,
I have tried verify my facebook account already a week and still cannot veify. I have posted so many times…none of them can’t verify. can you help?


Hi admin, I have tried verify my facebook account already a few hour and still cannot verify. I have posted so many times for public…none of them can’t verify. can you help me? This my fb profile ( and this me post url

I also can’t verify my fb.
It’s public and i’ve alredy made the hard refresh, but it doesn’t helped.
If you could manually verify that would be great.
thanks you.

Facebook verification still fails. All else works very well. I think it is a system failure. Please verify me manually. Here is the link to the post on my facebook public wall:

here my post
Verifying my Blockstack ID-18rrZazXfZpm16MV2CmYwyyXCLArGJ16o2

I had the same issue with Facebook and it verified for a bit then unverified again. The post is public.