Cannot verify Facebook account

Facebook supports users signing in with either their facebook username or their email address. When verifying your Facebook account for Blockstack, make sure you specify your Facebook username (not your email address) when prompted in “Step 1”.

You can find your Facebook username here:

The bolded portion of the Username URL… that’s your Facebook username. :slight_smile:

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I’m unable to get mine to verify as well.


cant verify facebook

sir can you verify mine also totzkie1626 is my facebook username

I have done everything right.But, it still shows that my fb is unverified.

Still unverified.

I still can nit verify my facebook sir…can you help me

I can not verify my facebook

that is my ID address, please kindly help confirm my facebook manually thanks.

Whre admin, i cant to conect to facebook?

Where admin? I cant to conrct to facebook

ID :
Tôi đang cố gắng xác minh facebook của mình, nhưng bất kể bao nhiêu lần tôi làm lại các bước tôi vẫn không thể hoàn thành
Đây là bài đăng trên facebook của tôi:

hi… can u help me with my facebook identity verification? i did the right steps, may post is in public, i copied the URL and still, it is unverified… you can check my post here👇

my facebook account is

here is my
and here is my link verify id by facebook:
pls help me!!

I also can not verify my facebook account

Here is the link

Verifying my Blockstack ID is secured with the address 1FEjR6buAza9WUakNhfBeieQvU9vr3wDkN

Hi, I’ve done all necessary things I’m asked to do.
But my facebook and instagram account haven’t been verified it is just twitter that has been verified … Please can you help solve this Issue? Thanks.
@lovejamzz47 is my instagram username
post link for Instagram:

Facebook username is eoveoshua
Here is the post link .

Please try and look into this.
Thank you so much

ID-1NVUvQh6WzjiTrmFersbkJEKqRARo4kzo4 having trouble undentifying my fb.

Hi Jude pls help me with this problem. I’ve done all necessary things I’m asked to do.
But my facebook account haven’t been verified.
Facebook username: haskihaski21
Post link:

Please try help me)