Cannot verify Facebook account

Hi, Jude, I cannot verify my facebook. I’ve done everything I could. Could you please verify my account. Thank you!

Hi Jude

Also cannot get my facebook and Linkedin accs verified

Verifying my Blockstack ID is secured with the address 12iaFkuaC5MqtpHLF9DWfK3f7LBBLEZ8TJ

Please help


Hello Team,

I am unable to verify my FB post “Verifying that my Blockstack ID is secured by the address 1FAFGoKBBBrpcFFEqfU1orsWXku73oABGR” below is my FB link … plz let me know if any changes required.

Hi jude,

On my verification page, I cant see anything for the step 2,

Can you have a look at that for me please?

Thank you

What did I do wrong?
Both remain unverified.

Hi, looks correct to me. Keep the page open a bit to let it work. If that doesn’t work, hard refresh your browser (often CTRL+F5).

  • you need to follow the guide and create a post with that text on Facebook, you’ve copied your profile URL into the field, but it shouldn’t look like it should look like:
  • linkedIn: I think your identifier should be martinurban1, at least not the email you have now.
  • you need to link directly to the post, like, not to your profile, as you are currently linking.
  • also your identifier is wrong, it should be pradeep.adumala, not your email

Step two is to create a post on your facebook profile like the ones I’ve linked above. Your URL also looks wrong. Have a look at the above posts, like

  • Both your verifications are fine. So probably a browser issue. Wait a bit. If not, hard refresh.

Thanks for the reply Jude!
The thing is that i dont even have the open facebook share window button there.

Many thanks


Still not able to verify with my new proof URL for facebook as you suggested, see below

It’s been over 32 hrs since I posted the verification link. It’s public. I am worried I won’t be able to participate in the token sale (receive the voucher for USD 3k)…
Kindly please help.


HI Jude,

I have modfied Facebook ID and Post address as requested…but still appears unverfied…please validate.

My Facebook iD Pradeep.adumala
My FB Post :

retried with new post “” still the same…unverfied !!

Pradeep In need of manual verification for some reason. Followed the instructions to the letter a few times without success. The same goes for my LinkedIn account

hello jude I verify all my accounts withouth FB I don’t know why

Hello got problem with Instagram and facebook verification!

Still both facebook and linkedin not verified… It’s been 3 days now.

My facebook account also doesn’t get verified.:

edit your post - remove the link and copy and paste the info you got as plain text (facebook make it automatically in a link). like this:

Cant verify the FB, help!

Same problem here:


@Uwe @Said If your verifications are not working, please make sure that your proofs look the same as in our FAQ. All must be public, have exactly the same copy as in the prompts from the browser, and cannot be deleted in order for verification to work.

Also, please be sure to copy/paste the correct social media links to verify. For example, the Facebook link needs to be in the format You can get this by editing your post, sharing it publicly, but clicking on “embed” > “advanced”.

Here are some videos that show the verification process in detail:

Facebook Verification
Twitter Verification
Github Verification

If you’re still having issues after following the verification steps, please update your browser and try to do a hard refresh. That should resolve the issue.