Cannot send my STX from previous version to (different) new wallet

On Nov 27, 2020 I installed my stacks wallet and transferred my tokens to the wallet.

I have now installed latest version of the wallet for windows using a new seedphrase and have tried to send my STX balance to the new wallet address. When I proceed with the transfer, it starts “loading” and just freezes there…

Screenshot 2021-06-02 164930

Also in my original wallet the legend “invalid” appears beside my originally received Stacks. I cannot find any reference to what version of the wallet was installed on Nov 27, 2020.

Can you please advise how I can proceed to sort this out.

Thanks / Best Regards

Hi @jarow60, this is a common confusion.

Your funds are not in your wallet, so you don’t need to transfer from one to the other. Your funds are on the blockchain. Think of the wallet as simple interface to the blockchain, and not something that itself “contains” any money.

If you use the same seed phrase from the old wallet in the new one (using the restore wallet flow), you’ll be able to access your funds.

Thanks your feedback. Have tried to use the seed phrase from the old wallet but when I get to enter the 12 or 13th word, it returns the following:
“It appears you’ve entered a Secret Key originally created elsewhere than the Stacks Wallet. We recommend you create a new Secret Key with the Stacks Wallet for greater security.”
The seed phrase in my old version of the stacks wallet is the same as my ledger Nano (and it works as have successfully reset the old version of the wallet with this seed phrase).
Also had thought of transferring the tokens back to Binance where they originally came from, but in addition to the address I have to provide a MEMO number which I do not have a field for this where I fill up the details for the transaction.

Grateful for you comments.