Cannot Register Username


I am attempting to register a user name and I get the following error:

Error submitting name registration.

Additionally, after going back to my user profile, all data is erased for this user id and I have to re-enter it all.

Help. :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your post!

Can you please advise the following details about the error:

  • which Operating System and version
  • which Web Browser and version
  • which Blockstack Broswer version, and how it is installed and being run
  • also, can you say a little about the steps you took before getting the error?

This will help to replicate the issue and provide a solution.

Hi Craig,

Thank you for your reply. I am using Windows 10, latest Chrome, and the version deployed at I am also going through the steps as outlined by that URL. That is, clicking on the “add a username” button and following from there.

Additionally, when I first signed up for this service, I thought that I had provided my desired username and it said it was being registered, but that appears it did not happen as now it is asking to pay whereas when I first registered there was no mention of charges.

Hope that helps,

I’ll see if I can help, though I am pretty new to Blockstack.

You can check if your desired username is registered by going to but substitute “” with the that you originally registered. If you see that it’s registered, try using the profile that it was registered with and it should link automatically. It takes some time to register a new name.

I noticed that when first creating a username in the Blockstack Broswer it defaults to the *.id.blockstack subdomain. Usernames within this subdomain seem to be free. After clearing browsing data and restoring a profile from the 12 word recovery key I was also presented with the “Add a username” button. This button creates a new username in the *.id namespace and names in this namespace cost bitcoin to register.

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That’s good information @Craig. Much appreciated. I did try viewing my name but the page didn’t load, meaning that it hasn’t been registered? The thing here though is I am trying to register that name and it’s giving the error (after trying to pay for it). So, it would seem that the name would have registered when I signed up, but it’s not registering as such… perhaps a bug?

Hey Craig… another thought here. I snooped on your profile and see that you have verified with GitHub. In the verification it states that 17h6UBezGHVWVwLBZJwQC8tCzNm6YRk4u9 is your address. Is this the same address that you see when you visit Wallet to send/receive in Blockstack’s browser?

The reason I ask is that I see different addresses between the one I see for Wallet and the one used for GitHub verification when I open up its window there. Not sure if this could be something or if this is expected behavior.

Hi Mike,

Which username did you try to register? Registering a subdomain name can sometimes take a little bit. Other users that have run into that issue were able to register their usernames the next day.

Hi @sebastian thank you for the heads up… I did just try again now and it did get past that error this time. However:

  1. All the data that I had saved previously in my user profile is now gone.
  2. I did at one point have this name registered for free, but now it seems that I have had to pay for something that was at one point offered for free.

FWIW. :smile:

Alright… fixed one problem, onto the next. :wink:

Ahhh booooooo… I misspoke. I am definitely running into an issue here, unfortunately. As @jude so helpfully assisted me with determining my private key assigned to me when signing up, I do have an email sent to me that clearly reads: - Action required: Record your Secret Recovery Key

So it would seem that at some point, my name was registered, but when re-signing in with this key, the name was not registered and I had to register it again with (which I have now and as stated earlier had to pay for).

My question is: why was I sent an email with a username that no longer exists? Is there no way of getting this saved back to my account as originally registered?

Sorry to be a burden, but I am thinking I am definitely running into an issue, perhaps bug here.

Hi Mike,

It looks like your sponsored username was not properly registered for your Blockstack ID (despite you receiving the email confirmation) because of the capital letters in the username.

Name registrations are only valid if they are all lower case and the browser should be submitting only lower case names. There is still an open Github issue for this:

Your other (paid) username ( has all lower case letters and was successfully registered for Blockstack ID 1FE9ALwDCvTR5FVUy1WeAmf5SktdaDqFCN:

Currently, sponsored usernames ( are only available via the onboarding flow and can’t be added to existing Blockstack IDs, but this feature should be available in the future. To register now, you’d have to sign up for a new account and Blockstack ID and register a sponsored username that way.

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Thank you @sebastian (and @jude, indirectly) for your patience in helping me understand this problem and for providing your knowledge and insight. It is not ideal to have to pay for a service that one can get for free, but such is the life of a disruptive startup and subsequent technology. Happy to donate to the cause. Consider it my toll for the learning curve. :laughing:

I very much respect the vision and direction you have going here. Thanks again to everyone!

Is registering a username suppose to look like this? And take several hours?