Cannot logon to Coins app using Safari 11 web browser

“Setting up your account…” loops indefinitely. I am running the latest Blockstack browser on OSX 10.13.3 & Safari 11.

@tigco I was able to login in Chrome with multiple different ids. Have you tried Chrome?

Hello @tigco – sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I’m one of the creators of Coins but I’m no longer helping with the project. Thomas (@aulneau) is working on Coins now. He’s in the slack group and can help. I’ll send him a message linking back to this post.

Yes, the issue doesn’t happen in Chrome. I am going to change the title of this thread to “Cannot logon to Coins app using Safari 11 web browser”.

Glad I found this thread. Shouldn’t there be some warning that coins (and maybe blockstack) does not work thru Safari? It’s frustrating to have a dead app when the “solution” is to switch browsers…