Cannot find IPFS driver

Am new to blockstack - am dong a feasability study for using it.

I saw mention of IPFS driver but looks like it is missing from github - does anyone know anything about it.

In master, it’s here:

Hi @jude is the IPFS driver still available? As the link you mentioned no longer works.

Also do we have a roadmap for full IPFS support on GAIA hubs?

We have an open issue to add the IPFS driver:

There is currently no roadmap for IPFS support on gaia hubs.

We are open and encouraging of external pull requests however!

IPFS temporarily duplicates files across multiple servers for up to 72hrs.

Gaia hubs are the extraction of data that in many other designs, are either duplicated, or otherwise put into the blockchain, subject to ownership of the gaia hub owner via BNS, where the immutable identities of the users whitelisting access to gaia hubs are in blockchain via Atlas, which is an improvement of the DHT network used by IPFS, but for Blockstack purposes, naming systems for domains and users, not files.

Is there a reason you are looking to duplicate data via IPFS?

While this has been an open issue, it was opened due to external requests (like yours) for IPFS support. However, I always like to ask why for the IPFS requests, because it seems counterintuitive to the gaia solution. Gathering these justifications could help prioritise it internally beyond waiting for external PRs…

You can see the drivers we currently implement here

and learn more about how to utilise these drivers here


Thanks @retired_user for your explanation

It now appears to me that a user identity-bound file storage system like GAIA is actually preferable over IPFS. The need to ‘pin’ files in IPFS to keep them alive is a problem which GAIA hubs that can be connected to standard cloud storage do not have.

I will research setting up GAIA-hubs more thanks to your insight.

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awesome. Let us know if you have any questions!