Can you retrieve your passphrase if still have access to old STX Wallet? : (

Hi everyone,

Not the greatest start to the day.

I moved some STX from MyCrypto Wallet to the “old” STX Wallet.

Just realised that it hadn’t arrived, and then learned that there’s now a new wallet.

Sadly, I’ve looked everywhere for my 12-24 words, and can’t find them anywhere (I have all the others and wonder if I ever got them - although I’m sure I did).

I have access to the old wallet (only showing what was in there originally without the coins above), however seems like I’m now stuck as can’t send anything out, and can’t use new app without the passphrase.

If it was only $1k or so, I really wouldn’t mind, but this is somewhat a larger amount and so hoping there is a way to retrieve my funds.

Thanks for your help community!


Hi @Gina,

Here was the original post.

Any help you can provide if resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

It would be painful if due to a wallet upgrade, I have now lost all of my STX funds.

Very best,

@Gina - I do own both a Trezor & Ledger. I think potentially I used one of these instead of generating writing down the passphrase. The Trezor is most likely the one I used, however I notice it’s now not supported.

Can you advise next steps for both Trezor & Ledger (on Ledger Live I don’t see STX as option)?


@Gina -> If it helps, here’s the address on Stax Explorer…

Hey Mike – definitely worth checking both the Trezor and Ledger! Steps for Ledger are available here: How can I use my Ledger device with the Stacks Wallet? and Trezor are available here How can I use my Trezor device with the Stacks Wallet?

I moved some STX from MyCrypto Wallet to the “old” STX Wallet.

@djmehow MyCrypto wallet is an Ethereum wallet, a different blockchain to STX. How did you transfer STX from there to the old STX wallet?