Can you renew an ID and have no expiration date?

Can you renew an ID and have no expiration date?

The namespace defines the expiration rules.

A couple of FAQs on this topic:

More detailed information for advanced users and devs wanting to register namespaces.

So the .id namespace must be 2 years? Thats the one I’m interested in.
I want my to never expire after I renew it.

In the .id namespace, the expiration is set 2 years. The expiration is defined by the creator. You could create a .boyle namespace and define a name joseph.boyle and as the creator of .boyle

Creating a namespace costs bitcoin right now. A username

If you like, you can create a “sub name” off of your existing Blockstack called To do this:

  1. Go to (or the client if you have it)

  2. Go to IDs.

  3. Choose the More button.

  4. Choose ADD ANOTHER ID.

  5. Then choose Add username to the id you want.

  6. Enter the preface of the name you want, in your case josephfoboyle.

  7. Press Search.

As you can see, this custom name is still going to cost a small amount of coin, but much less than a full namespace would.