Can someone please thoroughly explain to me how to renew a .id username?

Please explain to me like I’m 7 years old. If it involves CL please spell out the specific commands to do so.

Thanks so much for your time.

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  1. Install the Blockstack CLI (how to).
  2. Get your owner key with the get_owner_keys command.
  3. Get your payment key from your backup phrase with get_payment_key command.
  4. Pass these two values along with your id to the renew command.

You can see an example of renew in our CLI docs:

$ # Tip: you can get your owner key from your backup phrase with "get_owner_keys".
$ # Tip: you can get your payment key from your backup phrase with "get_payment_key".
$ export OWNER="136ff26efa5db6f06b28f9c8c7a0216a1a52598045162abfe435d13036154a1b01"
$ export PAYMENT="bfeffdf57f29b0cc1fab9ea197bb1413da2561fe4b83e962c7f02fbbe2b1cd5401"
$ blockstack-cli renew "$OWNER" "$PAYMENT"

Hope this helps, let us know if you need more information. I’ve added an issue to the documentation to explain renewal better.

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After downloading the CLI it’s asking for password. Im not sure what this password would be.

There is an open pull request for blockstack browser:
Feel free to comment as well

We are developing a site to allow you to renew your id, It should be out next week. I will kick you an email when its up. Be well.

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This would be awesome!


HI Blockchain is up and running. Be well

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Oh wow! thanks man

Hi is still alive?

yes it us @blockpac

Hi I get an ‘invalid’ date when trying ‘’ .

And a date of 1/11/2031 when checking an ‘’ (I have got quite a few of those).

Can you please let me know if this is expected behavior? Thanks for your time!

Unfortunately *.id.blockstack doesn’t work because it’s a subdomain, which work differently and are unsupported here.

Can you tell us what names you are trying? Testing out certain ones (,, all return correct dates for us (all around October).

Be well

Subdomains don’t ever need to be renewed – they last forever. Even if the on-chain name beneath it expires or even gets re-registered or revoked, the off-chain names will still remain available and owned by you.

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I have tried my *.id’s again and they now show up with the correct data. Exciting stuff, thanks for creating this renewal page! I’m not able to access Request times out. Looking forward to checking it out and using it though!

Server box is having some issues. Will be up my next week again. Sorry for inconvienence

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Thanks for creating this - I’ve been hoping for some kind of renewal UI for a while now.

Stupid question for the tin foil hatters - is this running client side and how can I verify that? I’m not technically savvy when it comes to code and am always leery of entering recovery phrases or keys into browsers.


It does not run completely client-side, but uses a proprietary API in the backend – sorry. Unfortunately there is no other way to send renewal without putting in mnemonic. You can send a renewal using CLI if you have experience with the command line. I used it for my own renewal and some of my team members. Hope it helps you. Be well Joe

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This was very helpful. I think I did this correctly, just waiting on confirmations & then to check on blockstack explorer. Thanks to all for sharing this info.