Can one Blockstack app access data that was added to a bucket for another app?

So the difference with a decentralized internet is that the User owns their data rather than the app. So with that said, it could be expensive on users to store the same data in multiple buckets for different apps. For example, a blockstack twitter like app shares a tweet with a picture that could be found on a blockstack instagram like app. Would the user be storing the picture twice in 2 separate buckets? or are the buckets not containing the picture but the url data where to find the picture?

Hi Eric. I think this depends on the application implementation. Blockstack simply defines the storage layer primitives. Ideally, you could point the TwitClone to the same picture in your storage that InstaClone is using. But TwitClone app could also create a directory in your store(s) (with your permission), and store a separate copy of everything you share. There are still unresolved complexities around multi-application/device support for individual files and directories. This is a great read: