Can my dapp depends on the

Is there any difference between the localhosted browser and ?
can my dapp depends on the latter ? why ?

because I think it is a bad user experience to force users to install blockstack browser first to login to dapp .

I’d say you shouldn’t depend on it. The user might want to use a different browser than However, currently, this seems to be the best fallback if there is not local hosted one.

There is the redirectToSignInWithAuthRequest method that allows you to specify the fallback.

why he will use different browser ? what it is the gain that he will get ?

there may be some benefits that are in third party browsers but not in the “official” web-app browser.

for instance, I am making an extension that has different features than the official one and plan on expanding that. If you keep linking back to then I have to parse all those links every time…