Can Multiple Wallets contain the same

quick question, can a name be owned by multple wallets since it seems like you create a wallet on different machines and different apps (such as a single wallet for the CLI and a separate wallet for the browser)?

With our current implementation, any wallet that has the private key(s) of the Bitcoin address that owns the name is the owner. If your different wallets have the same keys, yes they would all own the name. (They’d essentially be copies of the same wallet on different devices or in different apps)

I registered my on the blockstack browser, so how would I be able to transfer that to my wallet i created in my CLI?

The blockstack import command will show you the address on your CLI wallet e.g., here is a sample output:

$ blockstack import
    "address": "3GgF4BJtfTVBRnAHgHzdYRqBME4xWrr4e3", 
    "message": "Send the name you want to receive to the address specified."
You can then send your name to the appropriate address. With that said, the "transfer" functionality has not be implemented in the browser yet. You can manually take your name out by exporting the private key that owns it and using the private key somewhere else. @ryan can help with this.
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I was looking into that import function before I asked the question and i noticed that there was no way to send to CLI from the browser which you answered as to why. Thank for your help I am assuming that in the future the browser will have that functionality. Thanks for all your help!