Can I use BNS name resolution system with Gaia without using blockstack.js client?

For my use case, I want to resolve a human readable name to resolve to a public key.
But I don’t want my users to go through the process of signing in through blockstack web client or blockstack browser. I would be using a subdomain registrar to register their subdomain (a human readable name) without using blockstack.js.

Is there any documentation I can refer to or if someone could point me in the right direction?
I want to implement getFile and putFile methods of blockstack.js

You can read a user’s data as follows:

## How can I read my public app data without `blockstack.js`?		

 The URLs to a user's public app data are in a canonical location in their		
 profile.  For example, here's how you would get public data from the		
 [Publik]( app, stored under the Blockstack ID ``.		

 1. Get the bucket URL		
 $ BUCKET_URL="$(curl -sL | jq -r '.""["profile"]["apps"][""]')"		
 $ echo "$BUCKET_URL"		

 2. Get the data		
 $ curl -sL "${BUCKET_URL%%/}/statuses.json"		
 [{"id":0,"text":"Hello, Blockstack!","created_at":1515786983492}]		

You can get their public key as follows:

$ curl | grep "public_key"

Storing their data is a little bit more challenging, since you have to generate an authentication token to the Gaia hub. I’d recommend taking a look at the blockstack.js source code for that.