Can i use an Apostrophe in a namespace?

My name is Joe O’Boyle. I would love to register my name properly. Is this possible?

No, sorry :frowning: It’s only lower-case a-z and numbers 0-9, and punctuation - and _.

Any way that character can be added in the future? A naming system should include the use of an apostrophe. A large amount of people have that character. Let’s do the web 3.0 proper this time. I’ve had to get rid of a character in my name for most of my digital life. I’d love my and our digital future (especially a naming system) to have the ability to spell my name proper. Love Blockstack, Be well

When BNS gets migrated to a Stacks v2 smart contract (which launches in late Q4/early Q1), “names” and “namespaces” will just be represented by arbitrary byte strings, so it should be supported then. I’ve opened an issue to track this here: