Can I buy Blockstack with Windows 10?

About a month ago I tried to buy a blockstack with a blockstack for windows 10 when the application required to use. But the purchase process was unsuccessful even though I moved the BTC to the address Blockstack requested.
When I return to my personal page, I see the message “You can not buy usernames in this build”
Now when I install the latest version of the blockstack for windows 10, I’m no longer limited to buying a username.

So I want to ask: Can I buy a username with the current blockstack version for windows 10?

Bitcoin that I paid before to buy Blockstack how can I get it back? Because I paid but did not receive the

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@hongson Yes, the latest release (v0.28.0) enables registration and bitcoin wallets on the Windows and Webapp builds.


Thank you @sebastian
Does that mean I can use to log in and use the applications of the current blockstack?
Or is my login and use of windows 10 applications still restricted?

@hongson Yes, you should be able to use your Blockstack and apps with Windows 10.