Can anyone tell me where to edit my profile.json after I've registered a username?

I’ve registered a blockstack free username, but I don’t know where to find my profile.json with regard to my free blockstack username.

BTW, how to configure my profile.json and use my own gaia hub as storage backend?

Can anyone answer my two questions? You are really appreciated!

You can edit your profile.json from the Blockstack browser ID page.

If you’re using the default Gaia hub, your profile.json file will be located at<Your Blockstack identity address>/profile.json

I see, I’m trying to run my own gaia hub, but it seems that I can’t disconnect from the default blockstack free storage, like the picture below.

I’ve followed the whole procedure in
and it passes all the test, but still, I do not know how to configure my own DAPP(like the to-do app that’s running in localhost) to use my own gaia hub storage.

Could you tell me how? Thank you very much.

BTW, how to create Blockstack identity address base on public key? or vice versa?

I’m troubled by this, too. Have you solved it now?and How to modify the apps info from profile.json

Blockstack identity address is created from public key like bitcoin did. And as far as I’m concerned you can’t edit profile.json directly, you can only edit it from within the app, which provide very little flexibility

thank you very much ,i have same issue:I do not know how to configure my own gaia,and how to control who can access to your data。thanks again

you have to use blockstack-cli as long as the develop branch of gaia to configure your own gaia hub and edit your profile to control who can access your data.

thank you ,I get it, but if I save data on my own GAIA then other people how to access my local data ?

in your profile.json, you can set the attribute of your data, public or private

I know if set public other people can access my data,but I mean is when data save on my disk not save public Internet,other people how get this data?

As far as I’m concerned, they can’t

thank , you are good people , so I have a problem that myself Gaia how contact with other people gaia or default storage(blockstack pbc)